The easiest way to impress anyone.

Can you poach an egg? Neither could I. That is, not until this morning. I'd heard all sorts of things, from using vinegar to sliding the egg directly into the water to straining the egg. But every time I tried, the results were downright embarrassing.

Then this morning, I decided I was going to try a hybrid. The results were nothing less than HAmazing.

No stringy mess. No gross looking, contorted, semi curdled egg. Just poached, eggy perfection. Try it out. It will blow your mind and bring fancy brunch home to you whenever you want it.

So here's what you do:

Bring water to a gentle boil with a tablespoon of white or white wine vinegar and a dash of salt.*

Take a fresh egg.

Gently crack and slide into your hands or a mesh strainer, allowing the more watery part of the white to drain into a bowl or the sink.

When you have the more viscous part of the white and yolk, place in a bowl or directly into boiling water.

Allow to cook until white is firm but yolk is still soft.

Douse in cold water.


*for the heart conscious out there, the salt is entirely optional,


  1. Jonathan12.3.14

    I made this for my lunch -- the egg. I was very shocked to see that it worked like perfection. I would never imagine it to work so well. Thank you for the advise. I will surely use your blog for cooking tips in the future.

  2. For the record, David saw this post and requested poached eggs -- which I have never made in my life. So far we've had them twice this week, and they're perfect every time! Merci, Luvie!!


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